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Why Every Hotel Should Use Live Chat to Improve Customer Service

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in help desk software | 0 comments

A lot of online businesses make use of live chat as a support channel for many reasons.  Online shops are the most common users of this powerful support channel, using it to increase their conversion rates by answering questions on the spot before a sale is aborted.  Next to online shops, however, live chat is also very popular on hotel websites.  In this industry, live chat is used more as a tool to extend a hotel’s service offering into its online presence and as a weapon to win the fierce online competition for hotel visitors.  Let’s take a closer look and see how live chat can improve your customer service and gain you more hotel visitors.

  1. It Adds a Personal Touch

Picture this scenario: A round of guests enter your hotel only to be welcomed by no one at the front office. This is probably a worst-case scenario for the hotel, and managers will do everything to avoid this problem at all cost. Then, why is that websites of so many hotels offer exactly this experience? The website is the first point of contact with your hotel for most part, so it makes sense to have someone to open the door for them – with the use of live chat.

  1. Answer Specific Questions

Live chat allows potential guests to ask you specific questions on which they don’t have the luxury of doing elsewhere. Imagine a light-sleeper guest who is in town just to make a presentation the following day. They don’t care about the view, all they care about is having a room with a sufficient level of calmness so that they can get a peaceful night of sleep so they can get up bright an early the next day for their presentation.  Most websites don’t have “noise levels” as a parameter on their website.  Yet by indicating this need over chat, your service employees can tailor your guest stay by giving them the quietest room in the hotel.

During their stay, guests want to take the most from your services. With live chat software, you can make personal recommendations and provide vital information which can’t be done through your website content.  It’s possible to tailor your message to certain guests, making it even more personalized.

  1. Integrate on Comparison Websites to Get More Guests

Most people book their hotel stay via comparison platforms.  They use comparison websites not only to book their accommodations at the cheapest price possible, but also compare your hotel with your competitors.  On some comparison websites, it is possible to create and manage your own profile page or satellite website with your hotel information.  On such pages, you can implement the use of live chat. This will help improve your bookings as you can engage directly with your website visitors and provide them with all the necessary information they need right on the spot.

If you are interested in live chat for your hotel business, please contact us today. We would love to help you increase your hotel bookings and increase your sales.