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The Best Live Chat Tips to Impress Your Customers

Posted on 10 May 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Live chat has become the holy grail in custom service. We live in a digital world, where people prefer to text than talk on the phone. In fact, traditional telephone calls are becoming a thing of the past.

The stats on live chat are compelling. 80% of customers are satisfied after using live chat – placing it first above all other communication channels. And they favor it, over any other method of communication.

But just adding live chat software on your website isn’t enough to impress your customers. It needs to used properly to have a positive effect – and there are many factors to keep in mind. So, with that in mind, here are a few ways you can impress your customers with live chat.

  1. Introduce yourself by name

Names add a much need human touch to a distant, electronic interaction. You need to make it more personal by introducing yourself by name.

  1. Use a typing indicator

That way, the customers knows you’re there and talking to them in real-time – rather than being left wondering whether you\re still actively engaged in the chat session.

  1. Avoid ellipses

Those three little dots many seem inconsequential, but they can actually make you sound condescending or indirect.

  1. Avoid using Caps

They make it look like you’re screaming even if you’re not. Your customers don’t want to think they are being shouted at.

  1. Embrace the emoji

People today understand emojis. You need to use emjois on your chat sessions. This will give your sessions a friendly and human touch.

  1. Use canned responses

With pre-set, automated live chat responses to commonly asked questions, you’ll ensure both accuracy and speed when dealing with a lot of queries.

  1. Send dynamic chat invitations

You would never ignore a customers if they were at your store. So don’t ignore the ones that are on your website. Say hi and ask if there’s something you can help them with.

  1. Don’t forget good grammar

You can be sociable without being sloppy. It’s very important to keep your chat as personable as possible, but don’t forget to implement good grammar.

  1. Route chats to the right agents

Customers want immediate help by an expert. Live chat is live after all. So, use automatic skill-based routing to send the chat to the right agent who’s trained to help them.

  1. Use live chat translation

Language barriers can be removed with auto-translation, so your agents can speak to customers fast and clearly – whenever in the world they are located.

  1. Enable file transfer

The ability to send documents back and forth in real-time prevents channel disruption, letting you continue your chat in the same place.

  1. Send pre-chat surveys

Acquiring key preliminary information like name and required department is not only great for gathering data – it also helps you give faster, more relevant service.

  1. Monitor chat sessions

By giving managers the opportunity to monitor all chat sessions in real-time, you create huge opportunities for internal training and employee support.

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