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The Areas Live Chat Can Help Your Business

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in help desk software | 0 comments

Live chat software allows you to communicate with your website visitors in real-time.  Hence, it helps you increase customer engagement.  Do you know that customers will come back to your website just because they had a great experience with you?

Live chat software helps you in providing a better customer experience and quicker responses.

Companies of all sizes and industries are now using live chat on their websites. From e-commerce to large brands, everyone is benefiting from live chat software to provide better customer service.

There are a lot of benefits of live chat that will help your business grow in many ways.  And here are a few ways live chat can help your business grow:

  1. Reduction in Support Costs

When providing customer support using conventional channels, like phone, email, and social media, a person can only handle one customer at a time.  So it increases the cost when you grow your business just a little bit.

Live chat software solves this problem, as it allows you to handle multiple customers at the same time.  A single agent can handle multiple clients as they want, as many as five at a time.  Imagine the costs this will save your company.

  1. It Increase Sales

In a live chat survey, 38% of customers have said that they’ve made a purchase due to the great customer service they got from live chat.

When you go out shopping unsure what to buy, you always ask the salesperson at the store to help you.  If there is no one to help you with your shopping, you are going to leave empty-handed. Imagine this happening on your website. Customers are going to leave if there is no one to help them.  Live chat connects your website visitors to a live person to help them with their shopping, which will increase sales.

  1. It Improves Customer Service

Customers love live chat, and it’s quite evident. Almost every survey shows how great live chat is for customer service.  Customers prefer it over phone and email.   When customers know that they are reaching out to a live person, they’re confident they can trust the brand.  This increases the brand’s loyalty and customers keep coming back time and time again.  It also helps increase customer confidence in the business.

Instant response is one of the most important benefits of live chat.  It allows companies to give instant answers to queries regarding products and services.

  1. Being Proactive

One of the best benefits of live chat is that allows you to be proactive.  You can reach out to customers and help them while they are on your website.

Your agents can initiate the chat when a customer is on certain pages or is idle for longer than 30 seconds.  Your agents can help them proactively and provide them with support to make the sale.

Live chat software is becoming essential for almost any business. This software will help your business grow and provide top-notch customer service.

If you are looking for live chat to increase your sales and grow your business, please contact us today!