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The Advantage of Adding Live Chat to A Real Estate Website

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in help desk software | 0 comments

Before we can all agree on the advantages of using live chat for real estate websites, we can all agree on one thing, buying a home is the most important decision in anyone’s life.  It is often the culmination of months of careful planning, saving and setting up finances in order to comfortably make the purchase.  Therefore, when it comes to real estate, it is a much more complex process for buyers, as it is a question of a life investment.

What makes it different from other purchases is that it is definitely not something that people buy online at the click of one button.  Instead, they spend a great deal of time online comparing homes, prices and builders before they make their decision.  As the multitude of real estate websites jostle for visitor attention, in a bid to make a long-lasting impression on them that leads to an inquiry or a phone call, the best way to establish a rapport with potential buyers is to offer assistance when your customers need it the most.  That is where live chat comes into the picture.

Through live chat, real estate companies can proactively communicate with people as they visit their website seeking valuable information that can gradually help them make a purchase.  It can prove to be a huge factor in helping them make their decision to buy.

Below are a few advantages of using live chat on your real estate website.

  1. Makes the Entire Buying Process More Transparent

By placing live chats on real estate websites and comparison sites, the agents can highlight relevant factors to help buyers and emphasize features based on individual preferences and desires.  It allows agents to provide helpful insight to website visitors about certain properties and help them navigate to related links and similar listings. Also, real estate is a very complicated industry, since it deals with hard jargon, finance, property deals and the law.  The live chat agent can help make the entire process easier to understand for the website visitor.

  1. Helps Turn a Visitor into the Next Buyer

The key to efficient customer service is simplifying the process for your clients.  Our fast-paced lives are so demanding that people have little time to contact real estate companies to schedule a visit.  Live chat agents can easily gauge the preferences of online visitors and encourage them to book a visit at a time that is best for them.  All the formalities and the organizing is taken care of by the agents, thus making it easier on your buyers.

  1. Handles Special Request

As buying property is a very complex thing, the questions become very complex, gradually moving form location to facilities and finally to warranties and legal issues.  By providing online visitors with expert guidance in the form of live chat agents, you encourage a friendly atmosphere.  This friendly and open atmosphere paves the way towards a purchase decision.

If you are interested in live chat for your real estate website, please contact us today!