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How Live Chat Can Increase Bookings in Hotels

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in help desk software | 0 comments

Using live chat can you give your hotel the edge over your competition in the ever-expanding online presence of the hotel industry.  Right now, the industry is growing at a rapid speed, and an increasing number of people are searching, planning, and booking their hotels online.

In fact, recent research shows travelers can have up to 419 digital moments when looking for a trip.

The growth in online presence has led to fierce competition.

To stand a chance at cutting through the noise and getting bookings, hotels need to provide a high-quality user experience. They can’t afford to lose business because of poor website design and bad customer service.  They need to use every tool at their disposal.

Live chat is a very powerful tool that many hoteliers are overlooking.

Live chat is a versatile, effective way to improve your customer support and significantly improve your bookings.  In today’s blog, we’ll show you how live chat benefits your hotel business and how to get the most of it.

Let’s get started.

Live Chat Adds a Human Touch

The higher the price of a sale, the more resistance there is to the consumer. When you’re buying something very expensive with limited resources, you do extensive research on the product, take your time and ask questions – or at least that’s what you need to do.

In retail stores, staff is there to help you overcome any objection, explain the product and help you through the sale. Unfortunately, you don’t have that luxury with your hotel website.

Live chat is the closest thing to having staff members support potential guests. Think of live chat as your online concierge desk.  It allows real-time interactions with your visitors.  This is something that proves tremendously valuable to potential customers. Customer think that live chat is the best tool a website can offer them.

Live Chat Is Cheaper & Convenient

Live chat sounds like the kind of investment that, while it may be wort it in the long run, is going to cost you a lot  in the short term.  Fortunately, that’s not true.  Live chat is budget friendly and convenient.

There are no charges for communicating, and no painstakingly long holds like over the phone.  Communication is done in real-time, and you can easily review transcripts of conversations.

In comparison to other channels of communication, such as email and phone, live chat is anonymous and offers fast answers for your customers.  Both of these things – anonymity and fast answers – are incredibly appealing to your customers.

Online Consumers Prefer Live Chat

Today’s consumer prefers chatting over having to make a phone call.  Leverage that and make sure your potential guests get in touch with you in their most preferred way by offering the option to reach out to you via live chat.

Everyone can use live chat, and it can be a serious tool for your booking process. If you are interested in live chat, don’t hesitate contact us today and let us help you get started – Let us help you increase your bookings!