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How Live Chat Can Help The Real Estate Industry

Posted on 02 Apr 2018 in help desk software | 0 comments

After going through bad times, the real estate industry has been gradually picking itself up over the past few years.  The growth of the market has determined and increased the level of competition for real estate companies; therefore, attracting customers and gaining a competitive advantage has become very important.

Use Live Chat to Face the Market Challenges & Get More Business

Unlike past industry practices, when real estate agents were receiving customer visits in their offices to close a deal—and were printing brochures to show their homes to potential customers—today, the methods of doing business have changed.  The use of the internet has enabled agencies to easily add a listing online with images or tours to their properties so all the that potential customers have to do is visit their website and choose an appropriate home according to their wants and needs. The website of a real estate company has become the most important element of their practice—the gateway towards their success.

However, no matter how professional and comprehensive the website is, customers always want to speak to a real person to have their questions answered.  Excellence in customer service is only achieved through having a knowledgeable agent always available to help them.  Providing easy communication channels and interactivity has become one of the greatest challenges for the real estate industry.  The easier the communication, the more advantage is gained over the competition.

Therefore, having live chat implemented on your website will make a great difference for you and your potential customers, as excellent customer service will be provided to them. Visitors who are viewing your listings online will be able to easily chat with an agent, receive the support they need and become a happy customer.

No matter if you are an agency, insurance company, or car dealership, live chat can help your business.

Customers Will Trust Your Business

By implementing live chat on your real estate website, you will increase the conversion rate and close more deals.  You will be able to see what kind of properties your visitors are looking for and can personalize conversations so that they will receive their well-deserved advice and become happy customers.

Show Your Visitors You Care About Them

Having live chat on your website lets your visitors know that you care about them.  Live chat allows you to easily invite your visitors to chat, either automatically or manually.  Your potential customers will know that someone is there to help them anytime they need advice.  Customized invitation messages will encourage everyone to start a chat, interact with your agents and, in turn, increase the chances of easily getting a new property sold.

Flexible & Mobile Support For Customers

Live chat can easily be integrated within virtually any device, quickly and easily.  You can also add live chat to your social media pages and emails so that potential and existing customers can quickly get in touch with your agents.

If you are interested in live chat for your real estate company, please contact us today and let us help you pick the perfect live chat solution!